Bug collection 


I have a bug collection . It has 11 insects and 2 arachnids. I freeze dry the insects and arachnids.we got a transparent egg carton. I have to freeze dry them 2 times so they are dead. My dad helps me catch them.  I am going to pin them to a board. I put them in the egg holders . I swing the net on the bushes then look inside it. If I catch one look at it with a magnifying glass




3 thoughts on “Bug collection 

  1. Looks like great fun! Awesome learning. Where else might you search for bugs for your collection? How about water bugs from the pool? Have fun collecting bugs. PS. Some are good on salads. Not quit as good as bacon though.

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  2. Never would have thought to freeze dry…how do you do that? What are the names of your insects? Do you like insects or arachnids better? I think as long as they are outside I like them all!! I wonder if we have the same type of insects in our backyard?


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